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DataCloud’s mission is to be a disruptive force in the business development sector creating for our clients’ long term value from customers, markets and relationships, through Trust and Integrity.



DataCloud Enterprises, LLC is a special purpose, strategic consulting and technology advisory firm focused on the Enterprise Data Center, Colocation and Hybrid/Private Cloud Computing markets. Providing end-to-end business development and marketing strategy, and leveraging over 30 years of successful customer acquisition and sales acumen, DataCloud Enterprises incorporates proven strategies for implementing successful customer engagement, protection and growth. Driven by new customer acquisition and enhanced channel development, DataCloud specializes in helping customers develop “Go to Market” strategies in order to augment and influence existing and new market opportunities while expanding exposure across all key verticals.



Nicholas Salimbene

Nicholas Salimbene

Throughout his career, Nicholas has turned vision into reality and ideas into assets to unlock the potential of organizations and individuals. Nicholas is a multi-award winning professional recognized for extraordinary results in organizational transformation, revenue generation, contribution and margin returns. Nicholas has exceptional operational and production service levels expertise, setting strategic directions and goals, as well as directly originating and launching unique and complex business lines via strategic business analysis and business plan design and implementation. While with Anacomp, Nicholas led the organizational transformation from an analog to a digital based technology, resulting in a ten (10) plus year influx of corporate growth. Included was the development of a Cloud Hosting business; docHarbor which grew at 5x per year until being sold. At Iron Mountain, Nicholas was the innovator and leader of the Data Center Business line from inception/start-up to major business unit. Here again, under Nicholas’ leadership the business experienced 10x growth year over year in the initial three years. Nicholas helped found DataCloud in 2018 to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential and deliver results.
Robert Salimbene

Robert Salimbene

As a founder and the President of DataCloud Enterprises, LLC., Robert controls and manages DataCloud’s daily operations, customer engagement and partnerships. Leveraging his Master’s Degree in Leadership, coupled with his background in business development and customer centric programming, Robert is tasked with maintaining DataCloud’s mission and vision while ensuring revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Additionally, he provides DataCloud’s team with strategic networking and industry forecasting insight and aides in the development of business proposals and analyses. Previous employment roles for Robert have included National positions in Business Development, Program Management and Customer Retention/Satisfaction. Robert believes that Trust and Integrity lead to successful customer engagements and ultimately long lasting client relationships.



Business Development Services – DataCloud specializes in providing end-to-end business development and marketing strategy to the Enterprise Data Center, Colocation and Hybrid/Private Cloud Computing market. Our team, along with our industry partners, provides the most comprehensive and scalable solution to attain cost effective and value oriented business development, marketing, strategic sales and data center support services.

Centering on the goal of creating long term value from customers, markets and relationships, through Trust and Integrity, DataCloud engages all stakeholders in order to ensure success and facilitate our client’s organizational goals.

Consulting Services – DataCloud’s team of professionals provides consulting services for Product and Service Sales, Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Customer Support, Accessibility Services and Enterprise Data Center, Colocation and Hybrid/Private Cloud Computing Solutions. With a focus on our clients’ most critical business challenges and opportunities, DataCloud’s skilled specialists ensure customer success by developing methods, programs and processes to aid the path forward. Concentrating on industry best practices and standards, DataCloud is able to provide full service consulting support with a strategic mix of business acumen and growth strategies including planning, procurement, implementation and ongoing management support.



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